Refugee Center merchant is very distrusting for some reason and refuses to sell anything

In this current run, I bee-lined it to the refugee center and got a decent boost in teching up by doing missions for everyone. I was getting along with the lobby merchant (named Smokes) just fine, but I think sometime around the mission where you have to find the infiltrator inside the guards (can’t remember the exact name) I had to unfortunately discharge my shotgun inside the refugee center to finish the mission. For whatever reason, even though I kept doing missions for Smokes, my value to him is 25, anger is -4, but trust is at 0 and therefore he refuses to sell me ANYTHING. Because of all the missions I’ve done for him, I’ve built up like $4100 in store credit that I can’t use.

I have no idea what caused this but I edited the save game to make trust 5, but it seems that editing the trust level doesn’t change the “do not sell” flag on his current inventory. So maybe I just need to wait for a refresh? (Manually editing the save game is kind of a pain given the enormous amount of variables).

So does anyone know why his trust would crater like this? How can I raise it? Does it make sense for someone to remain distrustful even though he considers you Best Friends Forever based on the Value stat? How can I fix this issue?

Did you try to debug their trust?

After some digging around, I realized that the sale inventory isn’t governed by individual trust, but rather faction trust. I edited the save game to add trust to the Free Merchant faction and that fixed the issue.

Still though, I have no idea why it went down in the first place.