Recreating Cataclysm Buildings in MagickaVoxel

I got a little bored playing and decided to make the shelter in 3d :slight_smile: what do you think?



Nice work! I like the minor details – one working computer, one broken one, the lights over the doors, etc.

Are you going to do the LMOE next?

Yeah I can do that one next, I’ll see how many I can do.

Next on my list is the LMOE, then ill do the cabin, and ill try to do the mansion.

After that, you could find a city street or intersection to do, or something like that. It’s actually a great subject for 3d modeling, the more I think about it. I might dust off my rendering software, update it, and try my hand too :slight_smile:

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That would be cool, ill do a few of the shops and houses first then do the streets and add them into unity(or blender) to make a full scene.

This made me smile. For that you get a <3


Finished the LMOE shelter, could use more detail but the way i did it made maneuvering the camera a pain in the ass,



Really cool dude… Definitely want to see more.

Nice! I assumed you’d be able to show a slice view, but you made good picks for perspective. What are you going to do next?

Gonna do the cabin, then I’m going to do the mansion but I’ll have to do that one in sections and import it to blender or unity

Cabin is almost done I will upload it soon, I’m going bigger on this one to fit more details :slight_smile:

Cabin is finally done, I still want to add more clutter and some furnishings, but ill probably do that some other time There may be some sizing inconsistencies with some of the furniture though I turned the line option on to better show some details, and included 2 views with and without walls from different angles.

Cabin in the woods