Really bizarre crash

so i was just leaving a cabin and i was attacked by a black rat. i landed a critical hit on it with my cudgel and my game crashed. i tried this again and this rat manages to crash my game every time i kill it.
is this a bug or is this rat so angry it can crash my game?

Does it throw up a dialogue box when it crashes? If it does, does it say anything about an “Arithmetical error”? This thread talks about such an issue; according to one commenter, in that circumstance, the game tries to divide by zero and crashes, and that a fix is already in the works. Reverting to an earlier update until it’s fixed might help, though I can’t guarantee that.

If you’re using the Launcher, there’s a dropdown menu right above the changelog box that lets you select an earlier version of the game, then you can just press the “Update” button and it’ll download that version, after a confirmation prompt. If you’re updating manually then I assume you know how to keep your worlds across updates.

yeah, it does say something about an arithmetical error, thanks for the fix