Reality Bubble

Hey guys, I’ve been silently lurking for bout a month now; this is definitely a great game.

So as far as I know everything is frozen in time unless you are within sight range, correct? I know nothing about coding and the like but is it feasible to increase this? I’ve found some posts talking about it but nothing mentioning the specific file that increases it; my computer is fairly decent so that should hopefully be no problem. There is a Fungal Tower not far east of my LMOE shelter…just… frozen in time and is no threat unless I go near it which is kind of a downer.

I tried to use Notepad++ to look at some of the files and had no luck; used search to look for “map”, “size”, “mapsize”, " reality" and “bubble”. Honesty I have no idea what else to look for, some help would be appreciated thanks.

If it matters I’m playing Experimental build version - 53d5cec (love that new butcher all feature, now we just need disassemble all hint hint wink wink).

A lot of stuff depends on the reality bubble, so no, you can’t just increase it. That said we are slowly moving more and more things so that they can “catch up” when you get back there and are semi-active while you are gone. A current examples of something that is always active is rain funnels, for example.

Foolish question: what about solar panels? I’d go back to sleeping in the basement of my shelter if I could count on the solar panels getting their energy should I sleep through the morning on Z-level -1.

Yes, solar panels fake the elapsed time, so solar cells on a different Z level/outside the reality bubble still do their thing.

Awesome, thanks Rivet! Now I can go back to sleeping in my god damn bedroom downstairs instead of the hammock I built on the level where I have to close eight curtains before bed if I don’t want to get rolled out of bed by that big glowy asshole that comes around in the daytime.

There’s ugly metagame tied to solar panels right now.
They may recharge while you’re away, but just may. It depends on how often you save the game. If you see the car after saving, it works. If you stop seeing it and then save the game, it stops working.

If you have autosave on, they probably won’t charge while you’re away.