Raptor Mutation Strain: It's a Trap!


Yeah… this is what it looks like if you go down the Raptor route. The character is unplayable now, I can survive thanks to the vehicle I built, but with basically every food intolerance (all from the mutagens, wtf), the carnivore trait and a very fast metabolism now (I took more mutagens after the screenshot, thinking it would get better; spoiler: Nope!), I have to spend all my time on hunting non-undead, non-vegetation, non-aberration creatures in order not to starve.
Is the raptor strain supposed to be this anti-fun? It even has some traits that make no sense in a reptile, like Shouter, Fastfood Intolerance and Fast Metabolism. That’s not how reptiles work, that’s not how any reptiles work.

Sorry for the rant, but after putting over 16 hours into this character, building a good car and gathering all the resources for the mutagens, it’s just really frustrating to get my character destroyed like this.


Dude. Make purifier. That’s what it’s for. Generally when I start mutating in earnest I always have at least a gallon of purifier to hit from when I inevitably get a bad roll of the dice. Also get robust genetics if you’re planning on playing a mutant character.

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I think it’s not supposed to be a reptile, but more like a therapod dinosaur. Though I’m not sure what Heat Dependent is doing there. Huh. Yeah, that’s an odd build.

Shouter kinda makes sense for raptor as they communicate via grunts hisses and noises likewise. Fast metabolism also makes sense since they supposedly had to eat all the time. Fast food intolerance makes sense as well as it’s like some of the chemicals in fast food could poison them. Today’s biology is VERY different from Dino biology and handles chems different as well. It’s like how some poisons kill people easily but to other animals it’s harmless (chocolate for animals is poisonous). So it much sense but it’s kinda shirty that you rolled all those. Also safe thing to have before mutating is robust genetics trait it’s a life saver… literally. Makes it so it’s unlikely to get negative mutations and more like to get positive.

Shouter makes even less sense then, if they communicated with each other through sounds. Intelligent communication doesn’t equate to a species wide affliction with Tourette Syndrome.


I’d equate that to vestigial like certain bones and dislikes were at on point vital for survival or were part of an organ no longer needed. So it makes sense that some part of you brain is firing in response to certain sounds or stimuli.

Vestigial flaws usually don’t last long if they’re regularly detrimental to a majority of the population.

The appendix is still around and it’s pretty well useless and kills people. But psychological flaws are often not corrected by natural selection especially in humans. Shouter and it’s stronger variant howler are a psychological condition caused by mutation. This can be caused by the brain trying to change to match a raptor more and failing or the rapid changes causing some form of brain damage or it could just cause the brain tissue to mutate causing bad connections which cause the effect.

TLDR mutations cause a brain failure for some reason and this causes shouter and howler.

It kills some people, but not nearly enough to provide an evolutionary pressure. Constant Tourrette’s shouting by 100% of the populace that warns prey and attracts apex predators would be a severe handicap on a whole other level.


Well not all characters who go into raptor have shouter but either way psychological issues are something humans have and are progressively getting worse AND more common. So having Tourettes syndrome from a chemical that is causing MASSIVE instant mutations would have alot of negatives one of those being mental problems. Besides that mutagen should be causing cancer and horrible lesions and damages such as a burned or damages throat and digestive system on top of this if it’s the injected kind you could VERY likely die due to a bubble in you blood blowing your heart out and if that doesn’t get you the cardio vascular cancer will. So really it’s surprising you aren’t imploding due to super everywhere cancer. It merely mutating the brain cells and vocal cords is very minor based on that.
In short mutagen should end your life from the first hit.

Dinosaurs - that means Raptors as well - were most likely endothermic in nature - thats why you have the very heat dependent mutation. Moreover, Endothermic Creatures rely on a high oxygen consumption, which means they have a natural high metabolism as well - This is also seen in their blood flow and blood pressure, a small 10kg Dinosaur had, from what science is able to gather, most likely a similar blood pressure as for example an elephant in todays word.
Other than that, ‘all the Food intolerances’ is NOT from the Raptor Tree ; Raptor only gives you junkfood intolerance, which makes sense, since your body simply won’t be able to digest all the chemicals we put in our food nowadays. On the other side, you will also get Intestinal Fortitude, which deals with most poisons.
Stating that this isn’t how raptors work is therefore simply false. You’re also forgetting that raptors aren’t your usual lizards from today - they ARE vastly different, they lived in a different world with a lot more oxygen, flora and fauna. Of course they would have a different metabolism and need for more food to support their body.

In the end, it is your own fault for choosing the raptor mutation tree ; It is pretty obvious that partially transforming into an animal which lived millions of years ago will cause some issues in the world as it is nowadays.
Another hint is that the Raptor is basically a weak version of the Chimera. You know, that monstrous being that will give you so many bad traits it can easily kill you if you have a little bit of bad luck.

You opted in for becoming a dinosaur which was known to be a carnivore, which was basically incapable of eating anything but meat, with a high metabolism (literally 1 minute googling it could have told you ; hell, you were even lucky, the raptor can also give you VERY FAST METABOLISM.) and who isn’t supposed to sneak around, but to >hunt< their prey. The Raptor doesn’t have the Apex Predator Tree as one of its main mutations for nothing.
I’m very sorry, but that is the reality here ; You thought it was cool, without realizing that most mutational branches will give you some bad mutations as well. As someone else said before: Just make purifier. Thats why it’s there. And, for the future: Think before using mutagen. There are only like 2 or 3 branches which are really safe.

The Raptor is more related to birds than reptiles.


yeah sadly raptor is the worst of them
it’s pretty much the good of alpha mixed with the bad of chimera
personally if you care so much about the end game of the combat improving muta go bear or go home

Youch, though at least heat dependent should reduce the impact of fast metabolism (in my games it always completely overwrites it so I’m surprised it’s even there at all). My heat dependent spider barely eats at all, it’s quite a situation when your worried about a dehydrated meat stack turning old soon because your character and food don’t go together. Those are some truly awful traits to get lumped with though for a bunch of mutagen. Did anything positive even come in at all besides heat dependent?

Edit: Shit I accidentally necro’d something. Whoops!!!

Well basically don’t go raptor unless you like to suffer. Or have a hollow bones apex predator which kinda makes sense but hb is considered by many to be bad for "40% reduced carry weight and effective hp bad. "

Want a fast, low maintanence sniper character that can eat seeds(which are normally waste materials that apear in the thousands if you just scavange forests for 1 day in the summer and dont decay) for massive nutrition go birb.

Want a apex predator which fights feeds move fowards go bear (haha chimera is for savescummers or insanyan people)

Want a purely “buffed” up character go medical elf alpha(in that order of how good they are with medical being the best, effectively making you human shaped chimera while having(almost) none of the downsides, you are effectively unkillable unless you want to die. Acid proof poison proof everything priof, heals from radiation, fast regen aaand if you DO get hurt you just do what acid zombies do and say no U.