Ranger Plate attachments

Can ranger plates be removed and placed on different mags, similar to the MOLLE attachments on flak vests and such?

Was looking at a gun website and it occurred to me that, if so, mag extensions could be added to the game using the same system, really easily.

Probably be better as a crafting recipe - Ranger plates aren’t really a quick “field replace” since you need to empty and disassemble the magazine. They also usually have to be designed for the magazine in question, they’re not universal as they actively replace a part on the mag, so it’ll usually be different between a polymer stanag to a stamped steel stanag, or even between brands of stanags.

Not sure it’d make a mag extension system any easier either, as most extensions that can be achieved by a floorplate replacement are again magazine/weapon specific.

Yeah? I guess I didn’t consider the MOLLE attachments field replace because I always kit out before actually going out.

Maybe they could be modified like weapons. I know the ranger plates only actually spawn on a small handful of stanags. Thus you’d probably see the same for mag extensions. Though it’s a shame. They can’t be fashioned for any old magazine in a makeshift way. It’s just a steel tube, some screws, and maybe a new spring. Unless I’m mistaken.