Random ideas and stuff

Just gonna list some random ideas I’d like to see added.

  • Custom categories for searches with color/text markers. i.e. trash or wish list
  • Infirmity specific survivor gear, i.e. goggles with corrective lens, masks with inhaler.
  • Tracking pins for bags and gear as well as a bag quality for easier searching
  • Phase repulsers to guide the teleport abilities
  • Labor zones: clean (area and/or clothes), disassemble, unload
  • Crafting zone so you don’t have to have everything in your base right next to each other. It would be nice to be able to have a supply closet.
  • A notepad that lets you make behavioral algorithms, i.e. take off or put on specific armor and clothing
    would allow for a simple outfit system that could be expanded to complete various routines.

That’s all for now. I’ll expand on some of them if anybody is interested.

Crafting already considers a 11x11 or some such area around you for ingredients and tools.

To add my own idea: It’d be great if the seed drill were able to fertilise plants at the time they are planted.

I thought it had to be visible to the character, maybe I’m wrong.

When the PC is crafting all items within a 6 tile walkable distance are available (so when crafting in a craftmobile, the walls limit what you can reach, as you have to go through the doors). I don’t think the items have to be visible, but I’m unsure about things hidden within furniture. The last tile of the distance can be a non walkable furniture in which things are stored (so you can walk up to 5 tiles and then reach the stuff in the last tile from there).
Companion crafting is based on the base resource zone(s) within the reality bubble at the time the task is given.

Labor zones: Unsorted goods zones work as unloading zones when you set companions (or yourself) to sort out stuff, unless you mean that you want intermediate zones to move things from vehicles into for later sorting into “proper” zones. For the two others, I assume you mean you want the functionality to order companions to clean dirty items and disassemble items (vehicles already have such zones and functionality) based on what you put in those zones.
I don’t find cleaning items to be much of a hassle once I’ve been able to set up a dishwasher and a washing machine, but before that it was a fair bit of work. However, at that time I had limited supplies of detergents, and so had to be rather specific when it came to what to clean.

To clarify a few things, when I say cleaning zone I mostly meant with a mop not clothes.
With Unload I was thinking batteries and stuff. I recently found out about vacuum sealed food and you go through bags pretty fast and unloading them is rather tedious.
I imagine a labor zone to be programmable like the custom sort zone. So you could use x function of y item in z space. So players could program any number of tedious actions that developers haven’t thought of. I think a well programmed custom action zone could do all these things and more.

Ah. I think the clarifications were necessary, as I completely misunderstood your initial comment.

I wouldn’t want preserved food to be unpacked (probably a better word than unloading), as that means you start its decay, so you have to eat it fairly soon after it was unpacked. Removing batteries make more sense, as you typically need only a small number of object X loaded with batteries, and unpacking non sealed containers make sense as well.

“Do stuff” zones sound nifty, but they’d require a lot of programming work. There are a lot of activities only the PC can perform, so expanding them to be possible for companions would be a fair bit of work. Building a programming interface for arbitrary activity chains would likewise be a fair bit of work and would probably require a lot of testing and bug fixing to get it to work (and, in particular, not end up in infinite circles due to bugs and players defining such chains by mistake). Also, I’m not sure zones are the best vehicle for “do stuff” order giving.