New Npc Ideas

I was thinking about several ways to improves npcs use.
1.the abilty to assin task to npcs folowers using bulitin board
2. allow npcs to be assigned to player made zones in base in there zones they can help player craft speeding up crafting times be medics decreasing healing times or be entertainers increasing moral of players depending on skills of npcs and what you assign them to do or assign npc in zones to craft something on there own based on there skill and whats avallible for matierals in zone
3.allow the player to plan out task like consturtion and farming and be able to assgin npcs to do those task while player is out of reality bubble maby th abilty
4.maby the ability to set up diferent npc lower selemetns and give then tasks like scavange hunt or gather food and when everyou come back into that reailty bubble have vegetable fruit meats and varuise random loot apearr depending on what you told npc settlement to do the skills of npcs in settlement and the building and turain in a set area around settlment
5. maby make player able to creat zones in bases that they can drop items in they want to trade then they can assign an npc trade tell the trader what in the zone they can trade and what type of stuff they are supposed to trade for and after a set amount of time once player enters reality buble theys find some of there trade good replaces with the items they set up to be trades amount based on prices of goods they were selling vs buying and skill of npc trader that way you could set up trading posts

these are just some random ideas I was thinking of the other night to improve the usefulness of npcs

I’ve had great difficulty reading this thread. Here’s a coherent version:

"I was thinking about several ways to improve NPC use.

  1. The ability to assign tasks to NPC followers using a bulletin board.
  2. Allow NPCs to be assigned to player-made zones inside their base. In these zones they can help players craft (speeding crafting times up), serve as medics (decreasing healing time), or be entertainers (increasing player morale). The NPC assignments are dependent on their skills or based on what you assign them to do. You can assign NPC in zones where they craft something on their own based on skill and available materials inside said zone.
  3. Allow the player to plan out tasks like construction and farming. Have the ability to assign NPCs to do these tasks while the player is outside of the reality bubble.
  4. Perhaps allow players to set up different NPC settlements, and assign those settlements different tasks such as scavenging, hunting or gathering food. Have NPCs return from scavenger hunts with vegetables, fruit, meat, and a large variety of random loot. The results of such hunts will depend on assigned settlement tasks, the skill levels of the NPCs and the terrain around said settlements.
  5. Allow players to set zones in which they can drop items to trade with others. Assign an NPC as a trader, then tell him exactly what he’s allowed to sell and what kind of items he’s supposed to get in return. Once the player re-enters the reality bubble they’ll find out whether the items were traded and what kind of items they received in return. This creates a system in which trade-posts can be set up by the player and goods exchanged between NPCs.

These are just random ideas I came up with to improve the use of NPCs."