[Random Idea] Metabolic Distillation

metabolic distillation.:
A system that builds up ethanol slowly when one consumes food, or alcoholic beverages, while giving a little bit of water later as the system fills up. At which point the system fills up, it stops functioning and giving the benefit until one unloads it. The system uses a slight bit of bionic power per turn while on until full, so it would make sense to have, ethanol burner, metabolic interchange and metabolic distillation installed together.

This is because the metabolic distillation system would use a bit more energy than the ethanol burner produces if directly fueling it using the metabolic distillation system. This would incentivize one to drink alcoholic drinks (the system wouldn’t reduce hangover at all, or blood toxicity really) and switch between metabolic interchange or other energy sources and ethanol burner once one has built up a store of concentrated ethanol.

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