Radiation, temperature and scent issues; opened debug

I have not yet met and / or used recipes that require a thermometer, and for me, for now, this is a completely useless item - the temperature, if necessary, can be viewed using a temperature map, the button of which can be set in the main menu, as well as and a button for showing the scent map, and the scent type button generally does the same thing as the scent map button. In addition, there is a radiation map in the settings, which is completely absurd and makes the subject for measuring the radiation level useless compared to this map.

I am guessing that these maps were added as testing tools when developing the game and their functionality needs to be hidden in the main menu under the debug section.

In addition, the map of the types of smells could be reworked and made small icons on tiles where there are smells, so that when this function is turned on, our character would report what he feels from different sides, because now it is useless. Also, the numbers that overlap each other on the odor map should be replaced with icons of the intensity of one or another odor, or the numbers should be made smaller so that they do not intersect. And the accuracy of his reports would be related, for example, to the level of his perception characteristic, or survival skill; then, based on perception, it would be possible to somehow rework the temperature map and radiation, making it, say, based on intelligence/perception, and if there are radioactive emissions nearby, the character would pay attention to this and an icon would appear on the tile.

All of these maps are not for normal gameplay and exist for debug reasons only and - last I checked - are not assigned to any key by default.
You are using a debug function.
They are hidden from the main menu (not so from the keybinding menu, as you need to be able to assign keys to them), unless you have a debug key assigned, and even then they are under the menu point labeled Debug Menu…

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Yes, yes, that’s what I wrote about. Need to hide them in the debug menu in order to unambiguously show that they do not need to be used if they are not processed, for example, in the way I have proposed.

In the same menu, obviously, will need to assign keys, and by shifting to the right one would can click on the ellipsis and a menu for remapping keys will open.

The solution is to not use debug functions if you do not want to use them.

i get where they’re coming from though… perhaps it should be coded similarly to the disabling of achievements, where the options arent available in key binding until the first time you open the debug menu, therefore they arent accidentally mistaken for core functions they shouldn’t be using.

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It’s not really a problem to have a solution, but yes, you’re right, but it’s like putting a “kill all zombies” button next to it and saying, “Oh, just don’t press it,” but on a smaller scale.

In the game “Cossacks 3” when it came out the developers forgot to remove Ctrl+C Ctrl+V and people could just copy units and win the game quickly. Yes, they might not have done it, but it looks very annoying.

You do realize there is a kill all monsters button right? And people seems to have no problem not pressing it. It’s just deciding what game you want to play and use (or not use) the tools that make the game fun for you. :grin:

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I understand you, but your comment may not be particularly relevant, because you probably didn’t understand (or haven’t you read what I’ve already written, or maybe I didn’t emphasize it) - when I saw these functions, at first I didn’t even understand that they were intended for debag. I had a thermometer in my inventory and, by an amazing coincidence, a radiometer, and at first I assumed that I didn’t even know that these items allowed me to see the maps I mentioned. I thought these items gave me these abilities until I tried using these maps without them. And it is worth emphasizing that the point is not whether I would have these items (and without them it would be something of a misunderstanding) and the fact that these functions should be marked as for debag, because this may mislead someone who will not think about such things, and that in the game, for some reason, one can get such data.

Here, for example, is how simple it is implemented in the key settings menu in the game Caves of Qud (image)


and, by the way, where is this button which you told about :face_with_hand_over_mouth:?!

I see. Well the button is located in the debug menu, unassigned key, but I wouldn’t advice using it with the exception of fixing things that are broken in the game… the menu that is. I wouldn’t recommend pressing the kill all monsters button at all. :grin:

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