Does skill atrophy do anything now?

In the debug menu in the main menu of the game, there is a function for skill atrophy (rust), which is disabled by default. I understand that this atrophy is what is mentioned in the traits that speed up or slow down the degradation of skills that can be selected when creating a character. But why can they be selected when skill atrophy is off? They can just add points without changing anything. Maybe we should remove such features from the list if atrophy is disabled in the settings?

Good memory also alows you to remember the map a bit longer I think. Points don’t matter much, if you don’t want “free” points don’t take them and if you do, use freeform instead.

i mean, yeah the trait doesnt do anything if you dont have skill atrophy on, but there are people who use skill atrophy, and for them, that options available.

That is, the atrophy from the debag menu is exactly the atrophy that is mentioned in these skills? I understood, then, apparently, this is from the category of where we can slightly refine the menu. Thanks.

as i understand it, assume that it is a feature they want to exist but is currently broken in some way… if your skill atrophy worked, but also drained your skills faster than you could ever hope to gain them, then you’d get forum posts about how its a ‘bug’ up the whazoo

… so you turn it off by default.

of note, i dont know if thats -why- they turned it off, just an example.