Question about Internal UPS and Electric Forge with UPS Conversion

Hi I am fairly new to the bionics in CDDA and I’m having a issue using the electric forge with a UPS conversion installed with my internal UPS or is it strictly compatible with the handheld ones?

The Internal UPS is activated and I have plenty of power.

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I remember that the UPS things have a bug that basically nullified all the usefulness of using UPS equipment. I know that guns that use UPS power still works but I don’t know if the devs already fix the issue with UPS tools.

Thanks for the reply, I was not aware of the issue and it looks like it might still be a work in progress. Created topic in the garage Internal UPS and Electric Forge

I think you can still craft the forge into a vehicle so it can run on an the vehicles power. If you add footcranks, windmills, or solar panels, it basically counts as UPS in a roundabout way

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Wasnt the bug only with the laptop?

Last time I tried to make a UPS conversion Mod I couldn’t get it to power anything. The UPS worked fine for power armor though. I was pointed here when I posted about it: known issue