Putting pressure on wounds to stop bleeding

I think it would be nice if you could have some way to stop minor bleeding without using up medical supplies. Realistically, you should just be able to apply pressure and stop the bleeding. As long as you’re wearing clothes, they should serve the same role as a scrap of cloth.

That’s exactly how it works. Unwield your held item and wait to put pressure on the wound - your clothes don’t get filthy yet either!


Just make sure your hands aren’t too encumbered. There are some gloves that won’t allow you to do so (Work Gloves, and I believe Tactical Gloves too?)

Using your own clothes to stop a bleeding seems pretty unhealthy tho. Specially if the clothes are dirty or they are not made out of cotton.
But ive always thought something like a tourniquet that requires 0 fbrication to make would be a nice addition

Edit: Ive realized while writing this that tourniquets are a thing Tourniquet (arm) - Cataclysm: Dark Days Ahead but never saw them ingame. Is this just in experimental?

Can someone tell me how old the last Stable is

You get them from IFAKs iirc.
They should’ve been introduced in 0.E I believe? Or at least it was already a thing in expperimental.

@Mogel The last Stable release is like … 2 weeks old.

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Thank you so very much

I usually never leave experimental Where all the cool is