Pulse bow or crossbow and some powered melee weapons?

We’ve already done this. It uses a focused explosion force similar to rockets to dramatically increase the projectile’s speed, as well as allowing the use of smaller, denser, unfeathered projectiles more similar to crossbow bolts. Due to the much greater speed, said projectiles usually do much more damage than the arrows of old, and are much harder to dodge, as well as requiring much less training to use. We’ve fairly universally decided that the official english name of this new, explosion-powered projectile-throwing device will be a “gun”. :stuck_out_tongue:

This could actually work, but you’re talking about an absolute best force efficiency of 50%, since half of your force would just work by pushing the hammer away from whatever you just hit. And something like that would basically require the use of some type of explosives in the hammer head, nothing else would really be able to deliver the force you would need at the speed that you need it (and such a device would probably play hell with the hammer’s structure). Essentially what you would be doing is putting russian rocket boots onto the end of a stick and hitting people with it.

Could we get an upgrade path on the spear guns?

Where you modify it and wear an oxygen tank as a backpack (with encumbrance), to increase the range. I’m not even asking for damage increase. Could be minor if you want on the surface and more damage underwater.

I’m just talking about making the underwater spear guns useful on the surface with a bit of engineering and luck :wink:

It would be a cool thing to have a use for the tanks also. Maybe a method of refilling them too. Then make it mounted for vehicles. :stuck_out_tongue:

Put in Air compressors on vehicles, and spear guns launchers. An easier more renewable source of ammo and weapons that makes some sense.

Compressed air could be a new fuel/energy type.