Problem with masterkey shotgun reloading

Hey guys, another newb here
So I found a masterkey shotgun, attached it to my m16a4, but when I try to reload it with 00 shot (the menu also allows to choose STANAG mags, no problems with them) - the game says “can`t reload m16a4+6” (yeah, lots of attachments). When I remove masterkey from the weapon I can reload and attach it back it just fine, but it takes time and a lot of unneeded actions to use the weapon, after all. Maybe I am doing something wrong?

Just to check, are you Reloading the weapon or choosing Reload Part.

In the most recent experimental version there is an option for Part Reload.

What version are you running?

I run latest stable, yes there is an option to part reload, but with the same result. Also I tried to remove all weapon mods, tried to unload STANAG mag and then reload 00 shot, tried to choose firing mode - by f and then o keys, it allows me to shoot masterkey, but not to reload it. Also if I press F - firing mode changes from semi auto to 3 rd, after another tap nothing happens, and after another one firing mode changes to to semi auto again - feels like the game skips masterkey for some reason.
I guess there is the same problem with underbarrel 40mm grenade launcher too?

I’m not sure Ill have to hop in the game when I have a chance and see

So it works fine in the experimental. I don’t know a work around for the stable sorry.

Yeah, I loaded my save in latest experimental, the masterkey works fine, but I get too much errors.
For people who spend too much time trying to find info about different aspects of the game - masterkey is bugged in 0.F2 release, but works in experimental 2021-10-04-0535

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