Guns without noise and Broken Accessories

As title. Seeing many new guns in game. Variations on themes like 870 Wingmaster etc. But most don’t have noise applied.

Also While attaching a MasterKey 4shot Underbarrel accessory onto a rifle(HK416). The shotgun would not fire(yes I switched to it and was loaded). It would come up to fire but would not take aim or something and nothing would happen. I had to dump it as I was swarmed with 100+ zeds.

what do you mean by that? even bows make sound if you dont mod them, maybe is a bug.

why dump it and not changing to the main weapon again?, iirc it doesnt take time to switch between the main weapon and the underbarrel one.

Precisely why I am posting in the Garage section mate. But I was not certain if the mainlined mods were considered something anyone was maintaining.

Looks like many guns do not seem to make any noise. Though the sound pack I am using seems to have actual audio for some that I have used. So I’m thinking it is a bug.

2nd Q= I was behind a barred window and had the time to drop it when it was not working. Figured it would be a better idea since I was overburdened and Master key’s are heavy.