Private Defense: 3D-printed firearms and accessories

It doesn’t pick up the type because the type is written in all capitals, which is something the JSON parser has serious gripes with. You can only name certain types in all capitals: TOOL, for example, or GUN. Not material.

This has been fixed.

My testing sessions are sadly rarer than my coding sessions.

that seems like it could be pretty overpowered. it should break much faster or require specific rare polymers/resins

Agreed: non-breaking plastic can make these types of guns overpowered compared to steel ones. Aside from making the suppressor vulnerable to breaking with use, there’s nothing I can do about it at the moment: there’s no code to fascilitate that.

Might not be the improvement you had in mind, but I did introduce a requirement for Homestead’s polymer (refined from common plastic) into the recipes. It also goes to justify how all-plastic guns can even handle more than 50 shots without breaking completely: dense, high-quality sci-fi-ish polymer compound that’s designed to withstand these kinds of pressures.

It’s not stated in-game, but polymer is used for barrels and firing pins, hence their ratios in the recipes.

I just have to update the latest release now. Will happen once 0.3 of Homestead is live.