Post Cataclysm Ecosystem Collapse And Rebalance


Ah. I was talking the most realistically likely scenario rather than an organic gameplay deterrent to the fungus.


Yeah I agree with you there.


i was thinking about one phenomenon for the game… a phenomenon where one player that is lucky or unlucky will find a house completely invaded with spiders (giant ones)

or a boarded house filled with mi-gos…


You already can find houses filled with spooders.


well then… i’ve lost track of myself.


To make things more terrifying, apparently they can open doors now, too. Something I learned to my detriment after peeking my head into a spider basement, seeing one spider and closed doors, and thinking I could handle it.


The Mist (2007)
Annihilation (2018)

2 perfect examples of the game in film with such a system of change.


i don’t know if its possible but if somehow those blobs can change ecosystem, would it be possible to see slime forest? with the trees fully made from blob including the plants around?

and once i think about flesh forest, with trees and plants made fully from corpses and unknown flesh material…


I like the idea of some sort of slime infested forest stuff and the like.
In terms of a flesh forest, I feel like it’d make more sense to have an area that is basically a fleshy corpse field. You can get lots of human, animal, and zambies bones and meat from there. And it’s, suspiciously fresh, when you do so. However, zambies can rise from the ground unexpectedly in that area.


One reason I went with the Dinomod is that I like to imagine the Big Lizards (lizardbirds?) as part of the Earth’s “immune system” trying to resist the alien infection. It doesn’t make a lot of sense but then neither does gigantic naked-mole rats.

Though, as of yet, the only Dinos I’ve seen have been some dead ones in the uppermost layer of a lab. Killed by said gigantic naked-mole rat.


yeah… that’s the base for the flesh forest, i see 2 place in my game session full of corpse (Execution field, with 3 pole and items scattered around it along with holes full of corpse, and Refugee camp that somehow has holes full of corpse too)
then i imagine some kind of creatures invade that corpse-full area and turn those corpses into trees and plants made from flesh, organs and bones.


One thing I would love to see is the evolution of cockroaches in the style of Terra Formars. As we already have one manga cameo (that I’m aware of) from the brilliantly chilling Uzamaki, I don’t see any stylistic issues. I’ll leave it there in case of spoiling the story for those interested.


A truly F*cked up and disturbing idea…and I like it! lol

But if I may. How about the borrowing the Triffid system. Instead of fungus growing and spreading. There is a new creature that rips both zombies and people apart. Eats them. Then lays eggs similar to Aliens queen. The difference though is there are “minion” creatures or drones that mutate the land and plants. So all the body parts form into one large living mass. The ground is like a pulsating fleshy floor of tendrils. The trees are arms and legs and heads of people.

Hang on I’ll go grab some reference material.

Ok so much for that crap. I wanted some footage, but I couldn’t find anything easy enough to post here. In short go check out youtube for these references:

Silent Hill film / Janitor scene in which the twisted dead guy touches the wall and the wall turns into fleshy “oh noes!” kinda material. Kinda the way Triffids morph the land. Perhaps also watch The War of the Worlds(Tom Cruise) to see the aliens transforming people into red people plants.


that silent hill part gave me the idea for spreading mechanism of this flesh forest…

so any living creature, whether its a zombie or bandits, that managed to get close within the flesh forest area, will start feeling an urge to enter the flesh forest, only to get killed and consumed by the flesh forest and thus increasing the flesh forest size and mass…


Yeah, that would be a cool thing to have in the game. Gear worn with environmental protection would be required to traverse this. Or a vehicle so they don’t have to touch the “land” to drive over it.

Aside from being able to have new creatures for this forest area. The other creatures in the game would be aggressive towards the forest itself to break down the creature trees and bushes etc… All the while it can be set ablaze to try to get rid of it(ala, the mycoids/triffids).

You wanna make a thread special for this idea so we can concoct a a handful of critters and how it works?


up to you… i enjoy this ideas discussion as it makes me wonder how much potential this game has.


I’ll make a thread with a little more detail. =)



Perhaps more similar to that or of The Thing films namely mr Carpenter’s.