Portable Video Disc Player that plays Movies

After playing with the portable handheld game system in the “Romero” release, I got to thinking. What if there were portable disc players too? I know it sounds crazy, but I have seen working ascii art movies in a game I played once called Original War. In that game(which is exellent btw) when you play as the Russians, all your mission briefs are in the form of Ascii movies.

To show what I mean, here is a link to one of the game movies in Original War. The voiceover is in Russian because I couldn’t find any English versions of the movie.

With the inclusion of the portable game machine, it seems to me like the basic technical requirements for this have been met. Snake for example is real time and played out of its own large frame. The actual “movies” wouldn’t have to be long, or include sound. They could use subtitles right below the bottom of the viewing portion.

I have no idea whether it would be feasible to add something like that to the game or not.

I can say that the video you linked was really neat, though.

Maybe Arik can do stuffs… I personally would like ACSII movies.

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