Platinum jewelry lacks disassemble recipe

As of 9587 build platinum items cannot be disassembled into platinum resource, unlike corresponding gold items. Looks like an oversight from when they were coded in (to allow for platinum grille construction, as far as I know). I’ve made a micro-mod to patch this up (which btw also corrects an error in the name of “platinum_ear” object, it was called “gold earring” in vanilla code), does anybody else need it? If so, how can I share it with the community?

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Best way to go about it would be to get on Github and submit a Pull Request. Something like this would be the perfect way to get introduced to the development side of things.

Here’s a link to the guide for new contributors.

This would be cool. I have been trying to collect 100 mufflers to get platinum. Going to a jewelers would be a lot quicker. :stuck_out_tongue:

There’s platinum in muffler?

Real life? No but it is in the catalytic converter, which is a componet of the exhaust system and very near the muffler.

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There! Sorry for the delay. Blame RL and my inexperience with online collaboration.
Also made a PR for it to be added in the game, because, honestly, feels like a natural thing to have it there. I mean, if you have this fancy platinum watch and a hammer, this is kind of… natural… to… y’know… right? Right?
Oh, and, for the record - you can disassemble mufflers for platinum in vanilla. So, if you already had close to 100, may be you don’t really need this mod.

EDIT: PR merged to the main repository, mod no longer needed. Will host it for awhile for those preferring to not update their game as soon as the new build is out.

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