There is a problem… 0.C build of the game has the option to tear pillows apart to get their healing insides out. I used to do that with my unarmed hands, but in the latest experiment build I have downloaded I only have to use any sharp object to “deconstruct” the pillow. Are you all okay with this??

try activating the knife, selecting rip up object, select pillow

I didn’t point out that in 0.C version I used my BARE hands to tear a pillow. Now the game asks me for a sharp object

0.C didn’t enforce the cutting tool requirement due to a bug, but the author intended it to require a cutting tool.

Currently there is no mechanic for “partial disassembly” to get some parts while ruining others. Except for salvage, obviously.

WELL, that is very unfortunate. The game just lost some realism, as for me

It is a little annoying that you can’t just rip a rag off of a piece of clothing, or rip the piece of clothing to shreds if you are strong enough. That would help you stop a bleeding wound if you where desperate, as well as give you the ability to craft a makeshift knife if you needed a knife.

Your .first. task should be to get a knife if you do not start with one. Why would you go anywhere without one? As for realism, I can’t say that I’ve ever actually tried to tear a pillow apart, but I’m reasonably certain that it isn’t really all that easy to tear rags of random articles of clothing. If they’re already frayed or well-worn, sure, but that’s a special case.

Kinda bugs me that the tailoring kit has 1 cutting quality, but it can’t be activated to cut things up.