Photophore Mutation should give warnings

Hey! I guess this isn’t a bug, but I think it’s not quite working how it should. I spent a while trying to figure out why my Photophore was no longer working. I had to find the git commit with the note about how the photophore worked before I realized that the headgear I was wearing had too much coverage to allow the photophore to shed any light at all. I think it would make sense to put that effect either in the viewable description of the mutation or as a warning when turning on the photophore mutation with too much head coverage. :slight_smile:

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i think your warning was that, not shedding any light xD.

on a side note, i agree that kind of things should be as a note on the wiki, but most mutations doesnt have them and there are many that are less noticeable that that, like the hidden effect of not using any gear being an arachnid mutant giving you more dodge, or the slime mutation that lets you pass through wall/wire fences if you are naked

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I plan to add one more level to the photopore line of mutation, I’ll see if can throw a message when you cover your photophore while I’m at it.