Permanent debt after NPC gives a "free" item

Let’s say I ask an NPC to give me a free item because I’m doing a quest for that NPC.
Let’s say that item costs 50$.
Now EVERY TIME I got into trading with said NPC, I start the trade with 50$ debt.

Yes? And? He gave you something, he feels you’re in his debt until you pay it back.

There’s no credit companies anymore. If you turn him into jerky it’s a net profit.

Not only is that a pretty bizarre logic, but the real issue is, it’s not “until you pay back”. It’s PERMANENT. Every time you trade you start with the debt even if you already payed it during one of the previous trades.

This is still happening. I have a 680 debt to the refugee trader that doesnt go away

In the apocalypse, why not just eat all your debts away? No point in wasting food after all…

in apocalypse, debt is like “i borrow this” then the owner say “its yours” …

Hmm, that’s pretty much correct.