Pathogen E062? [SPOILERS]

I was exploring a lab yesterday and found a note Indicating that PE062 can “cure” (sounds evil) certain variants of blob infection. Now it seems that the rest of the PE series are mutagens and the purifier, and those work by stimulating the blob inside your body as far as I am concerned, and it seems unlikely that PE062 could remove the infection if it operates in the sameway as them. So what exactly is PE062? Is it actually cannon or just a remain from whalesdev? Some game play aspect that hasn’t been revealed yet?

Im pointing this out beause it seems to somewhat contradict the lore of the game


I thought the same at first, but seeing the file with all the lab notes indicates that purifier is PE018. Then I thought it could be alpha but that one is PE050. It seems to be unimplemented, and sounds like a very important thing.

In that case it’s likely either referring to the serum version or an experimental run that lead up to the development of one or the other.

That’s basically all purifier does; it cleans some of the goo-mutation out of you and brings you closer to a baseline human.

Yeah it could be the serum, I forgot about that one.

It seems that I had a wrong interpretation of how purifier worked too, I thought it was human flavor mutagen “aka if you gave it to some compatible non human, the animal would also develop human-like traits” insead of well an actual demutator.

But in that case yeah its possibly the serum.

If I’m reading the lab notes right,

PE062 would actually be a de-Blob agent. Would be lovely to have once the Nether Cliff makes it in. Problem was that it only worked on the living and as such was not a solution to large-scale infection/zed outbreak.

Rapid-teleporting gets the Blob out of a carcass. It causes more dimensional fatigue though, resulting in more portals. Mo’ Portals, Mo’ Problems.

Chimera is PE065. Couldn’t beat the Blob, so went X-COM and repurposed the Blob.

Lab notes:

“type” : “lab_note”,
“text” : “Termination of a subject which was never a part of S37ZBE has confirmed my fears. XE037 has contaminated most, if not all of the laboratory, most likely via the water supply. Research has started immediately into a process to destroy XE037 within the human body.”
“type” : “lab_note”,
“text” : “Despite a wide variety of treatments, we have been completely unsuccessful in removing XE037 from human subjects. Every individual displayed revivification post termination. Interestingly, XE037 seems to be completely inert prior to termination.”
“type” : “lab_note”,
“text” : “We have finally found success in S37BEP, our emergency investigation into the destruction of XE037 in living subjects. 8 of 10 of the subjects showed no revivification, despite confirmed dosages of XE037.”
“type” : “lab_note”,
“text” : “PE062, our “cure” for XE037 contamination, has neared perfection. Sadly, the production of PE062 is a costly and time-consuming process. What is more, the substance shows no effect on postmortem subjects whatsoever; a substance which renders XE037 inert after it has activated would be immensely useful in the case of an outbreak.”

I lazily refer to Purifier as the “human” mutagen based on its crafting level. Separate iuse and effect, though. It’s a stem-cell treatment that restores humans to base traits. Alpha is probably the closest to a “Human” mutagen.