Paint that wagon!

We have paint and paintbrushes now so I’ve something of a suggestion in that regard. Players should have the ability to recolor the various tiles of their vehicles provided they have the needed painting supplies. I for one think it would go a long way as far as organization and swag are concerned.


Tis a good idea. Also other nifty customizations like fluffy dice, 8 ball gear shifters and beaded seat covers.

Some more love in general for cars would be nice, bigger carburetors for faster acceleration, heaters and air con, better stereo systems, in car dvd players and skill/entertainment dvds like books so you can learn/have fun while driving, etc.

Good idea, both for the specific point about painting cars and the general suggestion of adding more gadgets. For example, the other day I saw a van with a chimney, so allowing wood stoves to be installed in vehicles would be nice and certainly realistic. Or going the whole hog and allowing for steam-powered cars powered by wood burners.

We could also do with some more car supertech, like an advanced thermoelectric system to increase the efficiency of your engine (or at least its yield of electricity).