Once Z levels are in

We will be needing places like this:

Perfect parkour areas, great z level action scenes, high densities of zombies, good chances of weapon and drug stashes, good chances of everything collapsing around you after a badly planned molotov/explosive/hulk encounter, crazed and maniacal gang men etc.

Well it may not make sense for such shanty towns to be in the middle of newengland but this is the distopic america of the dark future we are talking about people.

…uh… no… Though bigass tower-blocks would be nice (to drive though and watch collapse…)

Wen ever we get z-levels would be nice to see something like that maybe make the parkour expert trait more usefull.

Once Z levels are in people will come up with things like this

I’m the only one in favor of this one instead?

I like it! Airborne zombies :slight_smile:

Someone find me a WWII AA gun. :stuck_out_tongue: