Offload LOS/map redraw to GPU if available?

I’m thinking about using CUDA/something similar for ATI cards to parallelize some of our weightier calculations without changing the singly-threaded nature of the code. Mite b cool, as people say.

GPU offloading is always multi-threaded, that’s the point. As with CPU multi threading, the systems that will benefit are precisely the systems that don’t need the help.
If you want to play around with it knock yourself out, but keep in mind it will never be mandatory, so it won’t enable any new features.

so, related, here’s the static analysis results from CPPCheck:

Path selected: C:/Users/Karl/ClionProjects/Cataclysm-DDA/src
Number of files scanned: 145
Scan duration: 12 minutes and 26 seconds
Errors: 95
Warnings: 229
Style warnings: 211
Portability warnings: 0
Performance warnings: 268
Information messages: 234

Rolling up my sleeves and starting in on it tonight.

That’s not nearly as many as I expected, bon chance!