O.C- 11439-ge86fc60 WINDOWS SDL ; Latest builds totally unplayable

Going off 4493, when you start a or load game there’s a long pause while the window claims “not responding”, then it informs you that you’re dead. A monster has spawned next to you and taken dozens of hits on you and you’ve died (there’s no broken shelter windows to suggest the monster wasn’t spawned next to you)

This happened in 4491 too, these are the only ones I’ve checked.

So that’s what it was. In my case, no monster spawned but 3 days passes rendering my character in the verge of death by hunger, thirst and lack of sleep. It was triggered either by starting the game or wishing for an item in the debug menu.

Yeah tried a few more and didn’t get instakilled. Seems like every time you move one space it takes 2-3 game days.

It appears to happen once per newly created/retested world.

Did some more piddling about, it doesn’t happen in 4481, but it does in 4489 onwards (and all builds between these two seem to have been removed from the downloads page)

in my case it is started by opening my evac shelter’s basement door.

In my case, just grabbing the cart was enough to trigger it.

Posted a bug report on github.

Out of recent changes, the one most likely to have caused this is my encumbrance caching. Pre-emptive “sorry” in case it is my fault.

I’m checking it out right now.

4494 works. Thank you Coolthulhu.