Nutrient Cubes

Basically, food cubes with a large amount of nutrients and food energy compacted into a small cubes that don’t spoil, cause why wouldn’t a semi high tech society have an easyer way to eat food… they come in a generic nutrient blend and they are probably rather bland, but you could probably find them in packs at a grocery store…

also, Atomic Cube Proccessing Unit - ACPU for short, makes food cubes by consuming food “perhaphs normally enedible or low enjoyment from” .

food cubes should probably have twice the space consumption of vitamins

You want to include pemmican into the dropable items and mapgen? I never found that either … always have to craft it. But yeah + why not.

I have found pemmicans in grocery stores but +1 for nutrient cubes.

Your saying we need to differentiate between pemmican and nutrient cubes? I disagree. If they are already findable then alls good .

Pemmican is not really what I imagine as futuristic nutrient cubes. Pemmican is awesome, whereas these cubes would probably have a negative enjoyability rating, since the abundance of real food still available makes it clear that these things exist for lazy people, poor people, and people who just don’t care how food tastes.

Great idea.

Also schools, prisons and any other institution where people don’t have a choice over what they eat.

Sounds a fair bit too much like a grim and dark dystopian future thing to me, not like something I’d expect in DDA.

Some sort of pre-packaged nutrient paste could exist, but more as a MRE kind of thing, food for high-tech cyborgs or something bodybuilders torture themselves with for mad gains.

Certainly not something for poor people to subsist on.

They could be cherry flavored

Well, DDA is pretty much a hyper-extreme-right-wing-McCarthyian-cyberpunkian dystopian shithole future, so I’d say it fits perfectly.

You’re talking about a future where schools and hospitals aren’t evacuated even when zombies and Lovecraftian monsters start appearing, and even that far ahead in time they’re burning fossil fuels and drugs are more illegal than they are today. I think dystopian is pretty close.

I’m +1 for nutrient cubes, nutrient mash coming from some machine but not it being craftable unless someone designs an actual factory for it.

I think a chemistry set and maybe a mold would be sufficient. Perhaps the ingredients would be something like protein powder, sugar, flour and water, used in a dehydrator. Possibly some other chemical stuff to represent the denaturing of the food…like lye or oxidization powder.

What about crushed vitamin pills too?

i think you’re talking about ant eggs here. High nutrition : Check. No taste: check. Doesn’t spoil : check.
All you have to do is put them in a vending machine :smiley:

[quote=“Ferodaktyl, post:14, topic:8269”]i think you’re talking about ant eggs here. High nutrition : Check. No taste: check. Doesn’t spoil : check.
All you have to do is put them in a vending machine :D[/quote]
Yea but since Ant eggs are harder to get I think it should offer higher nutrition, the cubes would be a quick way to get a meal if you are desperate.

Maybe have a recipe to make the cubes less god awful like using honey?

I kinda saw them as butchering leftovers, kitchen waste and rotten plants rendered into sludge, then dried and compressed to cube form with some vitamins added. Reasonably nutritious, really healthy and totally unappetizing.

They wouldn’t have been available to the public but corporations catering to so certain institutions would use them because they’re dirt cheap to make and fulfill all regulations. You wouldn’t me able to make these after the cataclysm, but could be found in large quantities in some places, such as prisons.

Or relativly high ql ones sold to the rich busy people who just can’t sit down to eat.


heh call nutrient cubes made from people companion cubes

This is the best suggestion ever made for DDA and I will break my rule of no cannibalism just for Companion Cubes