NPCs won't fire\shoot at zombie children

I’ve tested this in the most recent version: 0.C-19954-g46467ec

This can be repeated by simply getting a NPC to equip a ranged weapon and having a zombie child come into range. Even if you set the NPC’s marksman/rifle skills to maximum they will always chose to melee instead; Not even going as far to switch to a superior melee weapon.

Notably this also happens with the Monster ‘Your Mother’, and dodge value of the monster doesn’t seem to be the cause of this; As NPCs will always choose to shoot cougars, zombie dogs and the like. They also have no problem shooting any other variant of zombie children.

This is mostly caused by them rating zombie children as incredibly low threat.

Will probably require a rework of targetting to actually fix. Or just bumping the threat rating of children and regular zeds.