NPC Social Experiment

I’m currently creating a mod on the stable version and I was testing it out. I got bored. Decided to spawn a bunch of NPCs near a small town after killing all the zombies in the little town. It got out of hand REALLY fast.

Aggressive NPCs started to threaten me and steal my items. Other NPCs starting running around, chasing zombies around as if they were zombies themselves (they even moved around like hordes!). Anyways, they didn’t really react with one another. NPCs with simple flamethrowers set the town ablaze and some burned in the fires.
Soon all the NPCs left the town in the search of monsters to kill. The town was left in flames and rubble after their wacky crusade to kill monsters.

After the social experiment failed, I went to an evac shelter and blocked the windows and the doors, isolating the inside from the outside world. Then I spawned NPCs. Without any monsters to distract them, they’d have to interact in some way or start doing something that doesn’t involve murder.

They didn’t interact with another as much, they just tore up the place. The NPCs gathered loot from the lockers and started destroying everything in them. Lockers, consoles, everything was torn apart. Hostiles ignored me. For some periods of time they stopped; like time stood still.
Then I spawned a hulk for funsies.
That was a bad decision: somebody got a flamethrower. Soon the place was set ablaze and nobody survived. Then a giant worm came out of the blue.
As for the town, a few stayed in the town, hiding in the buildings. They didn’t move and did not respond to attacks by the player (until they saw a monster).

And that is why I murder most NPCs.


I once spawned one, gave it massive strength, used mutations to make the hit points update, destroyed all of its limbs, and then set morale to -1000 or so and pain to a similarly ridiculous amount. You can also shout with debugged strength to make the NPC effectively permanently deaf. I somehow blinded the NPC as well.

Anyway, the result was a blind, deaf, eternally pained man-nugget that could explode its enemies with a twitch of its neck and survive mini-tank missiles. Maybe the nugget did supersonic sit ups. Maybe the nugget bounced up and crushed zombies, both with its buttcheeks. Anyway, I got a good laugh out of that before realizing how late it was.


shit when did they add mind quad to the game lol.

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