NPC food and water

I have NPC needs enabled, and I have a few questions about how food and water work with NPCs. For instance, if I have NPCs on guard duty - mostly to keep them in one spot so they can help craft without getting in the way - is there a way I can get them to automatically pick up and eat food/water without having to take them off of guard duty? Is there a way to do that when in reglar non-guard mode? closest I could find was the pick up items option, which doesn’t seem limited to food and drink. Is there a food/drink only pickup option so I have to micromanage food and water less?

There’s a zone called “food supply” or something along these lines. I’m not sure how it works, as I’ve never used it, but I imagine that all NPCs, even those on duty, may take from that stockpile if they need to.

That’s a basecamp feature though, i doubt it would work as “realtime” food supply. The only thing it should do is to be used as a place from which you could refill basecamp calorie counter.

If you have a basecamp nearby, friendly NPCs will automatically consume calories from the faction’s food supply. If the camp has a water well, they will automatically drink from it.

We’re doing some work to make the NPC-basecamp food interaction more sensible, but in terms of limiting micromanagement BS, just setting up a minimal basecamp is huge.

Good to know! Thank you for stating this.

Also good to know! Is there a definition on how far or near a “nearby” is? Same/Neighboring overmap tile?

The center of the basecamp has to be less than 3 overmap tiles away.

Is that 3 tiles inclusive? assuming “B” is the absecamp center, and N is the npc, which of these would be the limit?




It’s less than 3, so the first.