Not compiling (Visual Studio)

Over the years, I’ve tinkered with my own personal copy of the game, but have always wanted to actually try doing something more complex. However, every time I’ve ever tried to actually compile the source (without any changes) it has always failed with one error or another, no matter how closely I follow instructions.

This time I noticed instructions for compiling in visual studio, so I tried doing that. After some fiddling, I got the process to start (I’m pretty unfamiliar with visual studio), but partway through I get the error “‘non_normal’ cannot be implicitly captured because no default capture mode has been specified” in pathfinding.cpp.

Am I an idiot, or is there a reason there would be compile errors in a completely unaltered project? It seems odd that in something like ten attempts to do this over the years, it has never worked even once, no matter what process I use. I just want to get to a point where the default project compiles so that I can at least be having compile errors from my own horrible mistakes.

Thank you very much. I probably never would have been able to fix that on my own.

Don’t thank me, thank Maddremor and Coolthulhu.