Noob question, green vertical lines in item's names


I’m new in this game and this forum, so hi everybody.

I have read some guides and I have seen some youtube videos, but I can’t find what’s the meaning of the two green vertical lines before the name of some items. Could someone tell me what is indicating those lines? Are there other types of lines?

Thank you; and sorry for my English, I’m learning it .

Welcome to the forum.

The lines next to items indicate what condition the item is in. They go from two green bars meaning the object is in good condition to one red slash meaning it is about to fall apart. You can repair and reinforce a lot of items (clothing, weapons etc) to make sure they stay intact and improve their stats.


That makes sense. I think I will catch that jacket, it’s cold outside, :slight_smile:


And if you have sewing kit or tailor’s kit, you can use them on || items to make them ++ extra sturdy. It takes practice and time though.

If you’re skill in tailoring is low, trying to repair damaged items can be tough, since it seems like they have a higher change of getting damaged further.

Yup, this is true for me too. Practice tailoring on clothing you find that is not damaged ||, and that you don’t really feel like wearing anyway. You can damage clothing while practicing, so this is the best way to not destroy your favourite shirt when your tailoring is only 1.

Thanks for the advices.

I have a sewing kit so I will do it.

I’m still playing 0.C so I’ll assume this is in the newer updates? Awesome concept! Can’t wait to finish my series and jump into all the fresh content! :slight_smile:

That’s already in 0.C. Experimentals changed encumbrance a bit, and tailoring kits in experimental add encumbrance as well.