No food in classic zombie mode

When searching through houses in various different games (I’d say 10 plus games) I’ve never come across food in houses. Maybe the odd can of cola but nothing else. I’m used to seeing frozen foods, milk and other stuff in houses. Is this a bug in 0.4 or am I just being unlucky?

Just to be clear, did you check inside the fridges?

You’re just not looking in the right spots.

1: As said above, did you check the fridges? [e]xamine fridges ({) to look in them, though you probably have.

2: Check grocery stores and gas stations. I’ve gotten many bagged snacks from this. (Over 50 snack foods, if you don’t count their uses! (Which would then be about 100ish))

3: If above fail, and you’re close to dying of hunger, try scavenging. Look for berries (% strawberries ; % blueberries) in fields and forests. They can fill you up rather nicely.

4: Another option is to hunt. Make spears using a sharp bladed object (ie; a knife of sorts (You spawn with a pocket knife, so you should have one.)
The above is done by: Getting a heavy stick/broom/ect wooden rod, then making sure you have the knife on you/on the ground near you, go into the crafting menu (&) and craft a wooden spear. You can (t)hrow it at ®abbits and squi®rels, or if you’re lucky, a (D)eer. It may take forever, but forever is better than dying, right? ((Sidenote, you can butcher and eat any animal/meat, just make sure you don’t eat the zombies. :slight_smile: ))
Once you have downed the wild beast, walk near it’s corpse and (B)utcher it. It will most likely fail (And destroy the corpse :frowning: ) if you don’t excel in the skill. Just keep trying and increasing your skill, and it will end up working! Once you have the meat chunks, you’re going to need to –

COOK it. For this you can use a wide array of methods. (Hotplates with frying pan/wood spear ; fires ; ect)
I’ll explain the firemaking part. You’ll need ANY wooden object. It’s easiest to get a heavy stick from looking around (F)orests or smashing saplings(1). Once you have the wood, move it to a SAFE place! Then set fire to it using any means of making a fire; most popular being a Cheap Cigarette Lighter which you may have found in one of those ‘empty’ houses! This can be achieved by (a)pplying your lighter to the wood. Now you should have a fire! Next you want to craft(&) your meat chunks (In the section of the crafting menu) next to the fire! A small fire will last about 3 meat chunks. Then, enjoy your hot meal!

Or you could just eat chips while cowering in your base like a coward. cough

More explicitly, I say look in the fridge because V doesn’t show the contents of it when standing inthe same room with the fridge.

Thanks for the hints guys, I’ve been relying on shift v which I assumed looked in fridges and cupboards and stuff but obviously not! I think I need more practice with this game XD

Think of it like this. Shift+V let’s you see everything you can -see- - which in this case, you don’t have xray vision, so you can’t see into a fridge nor a cupboard. :slight_smile: