Newbie windows compilation issues

So I’ve been wanting to get back into this without having to virtualbox linux, so I wanted to teach myself to compile.

So I followed the post on this same board about how to compile it with with minGW, but I think something is up with the shell config or I have no idea how to set PATH variables. As I constantly get an error getting stdlib.h whenever I try to use the makefile.

Can anyone help here? I’m pretty new to this and I wanna be able to keep up with the latest version as it gets pushed out.

I’ll admit, I just copied the tutorials from the other forums, so I can’t actually verify if any of them but the Cygwin one work.

That being said, I can suggest using Cygwin, it’s relatively simple to install all of the dependancies needed, and it’s what I use to develop and play.

Well alright. I was kinda hoping for something with a bit more permanence though as it looks… Well it makes it look like I’d still be running through something rather than just directly. Which is what kept me from really getting to the game in the first place before.

But yeah I think Ill give that a try now and see if it works for me. And Ill be back if I run into any roadblocks.

Well, /running/ the game is fairly simple - we DO have a windows executable after all.

Actively developing on pure windows is something you’ll have to wait for one of the windows guys to come around and explain.

I’ll take a look at getting the MinGW+Msys one working as well, but for now Cygwin is pretty great, and a lot less futzy than the old virtualbox method.S

Okay I’ve managed to set up cygwin and get it going but… I think I might of got the wrong version of G++, as I got all these errors about declaring WINDOW and so on. I can go try and make and screenshot it if I need to unless this is something very obvious I did wrong.

Edit: Added error screenie.

Did you download libncurses-dev and libncursesw-dev? (I myself just downloaded the entire curses package to be safe)

I BELIEVE I did but it’s hard sorting through these packages. Sometimes it seemed there were multiples with no indication if one or the other was the one I needed.

To be safe, I’d just grab all of these:

(Click image for full size)

I’ll try and write a better tutorial once I can get yours sorted out and working.

Seemed to be working. Then I started getting some odds about “Converting int to double” and then it broke with this error.

Well, it’s progress at least.
I’ll look for a fix for that, I think someone else might have been having the same problem so I’ll check.

Hrm… actually, did you do ‘make clean’ before typing ‘make’ ?

Make clean followed by make gives me the exact same errors.

Crap :confused:

Hrm… Do you have all of the G++ stuff installed?
There are 6 packages in total I think.

I can’t really say for sure since I have no idea which ones I really need. I just think I got it. Any chance you could show me the proper G++ packages like you did with the curses ones?

That’s the six I have installed, looking through to see if there’s anything else that could be causing the problem too.

It was very promising at first. Then it seemed to fail riiight at the end here. This is with the missing G++ packages added.

Did you do a make clean again before compiling?

Doh. I feel like a dumbass now. That fixed it.

Thanks TDA, sorry for using up your time here.

No worries, I’m just glad you got it sorted out.