New tileset question marks

I know it's experimental and everything but just making sure that the new tile set issues with rabbits/squirrels + sidewalks, doors and most items being ?'s marks is not an issue on my end? Also I do know there adding the option to go back to the original view which is good since all those ? marks bug me haha.

If this has been asked already I apologize, I browsed and tryed to search but could not find any information. I been slacking lately keeping up to date on things so been lost a bit.

Try dowloading the Curses version instead. I think that that tileset is just for showing that tilesets work.

The question marks are because the tileset lack for an image to the item/entity.

Ah gotcha, will do and thanks :slight_smile:

The question marks is due to the JSON not having valid tile indexes for either foreground/background tiles, or in the case of items the definition just not existing. It’s a stop-gap measure so that you can still see easily that something is there but the renderer just can’t process what the tile is supposed to be and falls back to a default “I dunno what to do here” tile. That will change as tile sets are created and the format is refined a little more.

Uh, you might consider some other symbol, if you haven’t already? Question marks are used for literature and heard/IR-seen-stuff, too.

well, it’s not completely hardcoded. the “unknown” tile references a location in the tileset just like everything else. It’s just there as a placeholder and can be changed to something else later. If I didn’t have the “unknown” tile defined it would just not display anything at all and most of the stuff in the game would be invisible :stuck_out_tongue:

Yeah, there is that. I was thinking some garish “I’m a Placeholder” design. No worries.

Ah understood, just was a bit confused at first since I was like oh well this is fine I suppose of course till I got into town then the door and sidewalks bugged me since pink is a really bright color even when I have my screen set to halogenic due to eye problems so got annoying in big chunks haha.

I see that a tileset that I recognise from Nethack is also included. Is there a way to change items that currently refer to the “?” on the small tileset to an item on the other tileset, or for that matter a completely different tileset that I include myself?

If so, where can I read how to do this?

I think it must be on the same image.

But if you want to edit there is a .json file where you need to change some values. But i am an ignorant of how to do it and where it is.