New Science Lab and lack of underground mapping

I’m sure the developers know about this…

Is the lack of maps underground related to the z-level issue? So in the code, we are not really underground? With the old science labs this was a bit of a hassle, but the halls were straight lines so it wasn’t that hard to explore. The new science lab is cool, but a real hassle to explore without any kind of mapping.

is this something that will get handled by the kickstarter developer when he works on z-levels? so we can get some kind of underground mapping?

not entirely a suggestion, since I’m sure the dev’s know about it ,but seems more appropriate to post it here.

This is tricky, a single tile in the map display is a 24x24 area, which in towns is a single building, but in labs, that area might have 4, possibly more rooms in it, in addition to hallways. Meanwhile the lab tiles being displayed in the map are all the same.

Something we might be able to do for navigation is to carefully chose characters for lab rooms that indicate how they’re connected together. This will be easier with tiles, as we can just make icons that are miniature versions of the rooms.