New Kind of City: Quarantined City

I got an idea for a new kind of city, quarantined city, just like the Raccoon City in Resident Evil.

These cities are where the zombie virus firstly outbreak. The government tried to quarantine those cities to stop the cataclysm and obviously they failed.

The cities are totally surrounded by very high and thick walls, and there are only a few checkpoints for getting in or out. These checkpoints are usually guarded by soldiers (already became zombies) and turrets. The item spawn rate is higher inside the cities, because no survivor has looted these city since they can’t get in. But the zombie spawn rate is also higher since no one has ever got out.

To implement this idea, I think a few new kinds of map sites should be added: the walls and checkpoints.
The walls take a whole block and there might be some secret passages inside the walls. Similar to roads the walls have 8 different directions.
The checkpoints stands where roads and walls cross. There is a main gate controls by a console, so that your vehicle can get through.

My English is not very good, so sorry for possible grammar mistakes :slight_smile:

The zombies in Cataclysm: DDA don’t come from viruses, but from an extra dimensional blob, the explanation is that scientists were experimenting with portals in secret underground labs and managed to open some portals to another dimension, which is where the mi-go, fungal stuff, the blob etc… came from and that blob gets inside corpses and puppeteers them around as well as mutating them over time:

But the idea of a barricaded city, is pretty cool.

Then allow me to change the scenario;

Cities which the local military once took over as a base of operation, or even just survivors of a town made makeshift barricades to try keep everyone and everything out.

But if a giant wall was going to solve anything, pretty sure the military wouldn’t have had such a rough time. Ever seen World War Z? All the zombies in the area, lured by both sound and the all you can eat buffet, would eventually break through or climb over the walls.
Not to mention that you’re bound to find a bunch of nut jobs that would betray their own, killing the city from the inside out.

Though it sounds like an amusing idea, it would be nice to have different varieties of cities aside from just their size. That said, I bet it’d be a pain to make.

Think about the mutant city of Rage, its like the same damn thing but with a LOT of zombies.

It’s a great idea, we could certainly use some more variety in how cities spawn.

There was a zombie apocalypse series on Netflix called quarantine I think that did this, they used stacks of shipping containers to build the wall.

I’m not sure if there would be less looting or more, if you sealed off a city at early signs of infection I’d actually expect looting to be worse, but of course durable goods couldn’t leave the quarantine area.

also imagining quite a lot of people would run there, there should be quite a lot of tents and things and beds in the middle of the street, and maybe more beds in houses as well?
it’s a really neat idea!

Then maybe more military staffs? More policemen, SWATs or even national guards and army troopers were sent to maintain order. And there are burnt houses, artillery pits and crashed helicopters due to the riot.

Definitely seems like a great idea to me. It could have quite a lot of interesting new variations on existing buildings, too. I’m imagining an apartment building full of the signs of a government raid gone wrong (outside lined with vehicles/utility lights/sandbags, spent shell casings, doors blown off their hinges, loot ridden corpses of SWAT officers/National Guard) full of dangerous monsters, or the overrun ruins of an hastily improvised FEMA helicopter evacuation point, there’s a lot of opportunities both practical and world building.

How about making consumables like food, ammo, or medicine be rarer in these cities, but non-consumables like tools, clothing and books more common since they’d still be there even if someone used them and then got killed.

AND a lot of survivor zombies and maybe military buildings (like a command center) filled up with goodies and walking armored badies.

How about making consumables like food, ammo, or medicine be rarer in these cities, but non-consumables like tools, clothing and books more common since they’d still be there even if someone used them and then got killed.[/quote]

with the possible exception of military MRE’s and relief food, which would have a stockpille location. Though that food level could vary greatly depending on how long they were able to hold out.

All the military’s stuff would probably be in the same boat really, less the longer they held out with supply lines falling apart. More supplies in cities that fell quickly since zombies don’t eat or shoot anything humans are interested in.

A huge presence of tank drones and chicken walkers on the outside.

Perhaps a place for exploders to actually spawn.