New ideas and improvements for camps

i love the way the camp system works (and would recommenced trying it if you haven’t), but i would like to throw a few ideas for improvements out there for anyone who has the skill to make them a reality, and i would love anyone to contribute to these ideas as well

i believe we should work on the workload organization, you should be asked a quarry if your going to take someone off a job (and the materials returned to the inventory after) as well as work with all campaigns inside the camp without having to see them
i think we should work on the inventory issue as well, instead of having just items in crates crates it should have an internal inventory system where the amount of space increases with each storage upgrade (aka start with 0L- 100 with first level- 500 with second etc
i would love for your character to be able to help besides just bringing items in and commanding everyone, where you can do some of the work yourself


Perhaps more buildings. A mine, for obtaining rock/limestone/coal, even more with a mining mod. Animal pens, for raising animals. A slaughterhouse, for the killing and butchery of animals. What else can you think of?