A ever-increasing threat

As of now in DDA, after you’ve properly established yourself, survival is trivial.
Now, Whales’ left all of this nice material for another world, with goo, flaming eyeballs and other-such fun creatures.

I wonder what would happen if every day, a portal emerged, from which otherworldly creatures appeared.
What if there were a way to close these, albeit a risky one?

Also, another separate idea, a game-mode like that of an old mod.
An ever-present horde marches towards you to the east, you must keep moving and never stop.

A lot of stuff like this is in the pipe, I believe. Including roaming zombie hoards, expanding spheres of influence for extra-dimensional changes, and new colonies of giant bugs, fungal spires, and triffids. Eventually, if you want to keep an area truly safe, you’ll have to work for it.

This actually reminds me of a classic scroll-shooter; you go back or get shot and all the crits reappear. But it’s the arcade fun, trading hatchets for knives and collecting gems. See, this is where I don’t like dynamic spawn - even when the game punishes you for making sounds or else, you simply don’t have a routine to improve on, since fighting is all dice-related; your sprite character in classic gaming’s franchise rumble makes you at least practice with the joystick.
Now there is a point to whole Portal mind game, whereas the player’s character usually encounters either the “Scary” or “Scary as Shit” variety (look at triffs, it’s all nice until you’ve decided to exterminate the Root). Since you could find yourself with all kinds of creeps abound, and the door behind firmly closed, this just maybe could be “Boogy in the Closet Scary” flavor.

…and I couldn’t be happier if someone picked the whole challenge and improved on it, I just find it compelling and somehow disruptive just to imagine one feature disbalancing the whole lot. From what I can bear with mind, Marloss Berry could be a fuel necessity only to get and see what it’s all about in the Pyre of Ethereal Abyss.