New Faction: Mutant Cult

I’m thinking we need mutants that praise and force the “evolution” of mankind. Not necessarily aggressive OR friendly towards non-mutants, but definitely standoff-ish, and mutants are in like Flynn with these peeps.

I am imagining a questline that begins at a hazardous waste sarcophagus, nuclear waste warehouse, a dump, or some other place where mutagenic materials might end up(all hail the Uranium swamp!), and leads the group into a research lab as an end-goal.

In the quests, it should all kick off for non-mutants with a search and rescue quest, to prove you aren’t a ‘normie’ of sorts, and I think sequestering mutagens and purifiers for the muties sounds like a good second goal, followed by finding lab reports, bringing XL or other specialized mutant gear(toeless sandals or fingerless gloves, anyone?), and then helping the muties build a vehicle for their ‘exodus’ to the Lab of the Transcendence.

Then, we’d have the lab to clear. As far as the Lab goes, I envision a static ground floor and first floor underground with some special challenges included therein, and from there down four levels of rng to a static final floor that is a special mutagen lab.

Shoot me some feedback, y’all. Let’s make this happen!


Make the cult spawn over an existing Lab, to which they want to enter.

The difference is that lab isn’t your ordinary one - you need special items that you find in quests for the cult to enter.

Even after getting all the items and opening the vault to the lab, it isn’t going to be easy simply because the lab has this weird corrosive air inside - what it does is that any gear you bring will corrode. In other words, you end up naked if you stay for too long. So, two options:

  • Brave in as a non-mutant - you will have to go basically naked, or risk getting your stuff ending up trash. Even worse, the mutants you helped won’t help you.
  • Become a mutant - naked mutant is strong compared to a naked non-mutant, and you get mutant buddies.

The reward for your troubles could be a super-mutant recipe - if you are a full mutant and take this super-mutant serum, you basically power-up all your abilities - but lose complete humanity. The effects depend on your current mutant status, so you won’t become a super-fish from a spider.

Name change, like “Fish mutant” -> “Shark”
Automatically gain Huge (happens for all super changes)
Boost to melee, unarmed
Boost to special abilities, like former Fish mutants shred enemies in water in few seconds
Also worse disadvantages, like former fish mutants can only do stuff like crafting in water

So how are these idea extensions?


Mutant Cult



They prefer the term “freaks.”

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I cant wait for this to be a thing.

I’ve written a Guide for 1st time contributors. I’ve extended the C++ code that allows you to write sophisticated dialogue in JSON, and that lets you define most types of missions in JSON, including updating existing map locations.

I want to make this happen, but I feel like I’ve done a lot to enable people to create a new faction. Would you please write some new NPCs and missions for this faction? I’ll be happy to answer any questions you have.

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Oh, NPC’s are a-comin’, and I’ve been digesting your guides for the last couple of weeks.

Thank you for all you have done to make this possible, @mlangsdorf ; for this small cult is but the beginning.


Cool! Again, please ask if you need any help.