'Nether' Mutations

We saw it, the End. Before it was thought even possible. Masters found us, they show us the future of mankind. They show our errors, and how weak we are. Others do not believe in us, they call us fools and throw us out. We know better. We make ourselves like the Masters, and then foolish humanity will see we were right. The End is coming, and soon the breach between the Nether and ours will be torn apart, and the Masters will rule all who survive the coming days. They are often referred to as the blob, but unlike the rest of weak humanity, we know they love us, and they want us. So, we love them.

OCULUS: A creature of mostly giant eyes than much else, it sees all, and knows all. Eyes protrude from almost all over the torso and much of the face, and many can be spotted elsewhere.
-The Oculus tree focuses on massive perception and accuracy, as well as being incredibly intelligent. The Oculus has huge dodge abilities, as it can easily predict and on-coming attack before it even happens. Even with super high encumbrance and an agile enemy, you can reasonably assume you are going to hit. The head has grown slightly larger due to a better brain, which limits how much you can put on. Luckily, not every eyeball is needed, thus, you can easily cloth yourself almost all over without losing all of your enhanced sight. However, with the torso having the most it is downright painful to wear anything too heavy on it, so while you can do it, every step it feels like your are getting punched in the eyes. The Oculus is not very good against when hit, and has a slightly higher chance to bleed. All of that due to the fact that eyes are squishy. But on the bright side, you are so accurate, you can hit a skeleton in the dark of night!
-Benefits: High INT, insanely high perception, dodge bonuses, as well as marksman and melee bonuses.
-Downsides: ‘Head’ armor slot is highly limited, wearing more than light leather on torso (not arms) hurts and decreases perception slightly, more sensitive to bleeding and pain. Hard to talk to people, since those extra eyes are gross and creepy.

DAEMIN: A beastly monstrosity not only immune to fire, but can spike it out like a dragon could. Faster, dumber, and can punch you through a wall.
-The Daemin has a red, highly fire-resistant, tough hide. Wolverine-sized claws make gloves impossible, and sharp hooves do the same with shoes. Its bulking muscles make wearing any strong armor and lots of armor impossible. However, the Daemin is immune to heat damage, and the inside of it is basically a giant furnace, so temperature management is literally irrelevant. The fire it breaths can make acid explode, which can be both good and bad. However, the changed needed for this to happen malformed it’s mouth, making speaking also impossible. The Daemin will not use ranged weapons, since to it’s mind those are for weaklings. Books are for weaklings too, as obviously fighting with your bare hands is worth more than a pile of paper with writing on it. The management for the creature is off the chart, the fire burning inside it makes water boil and evaporate inside of it, and its metabolism is so high that it needs to eat more than three zombies corpses a day to ensure it does not starve. Sure, it can catch up the its prey fast enough, but it has a habit of roaring with such terror it drives zombies away from it before they can even be seen. The massive bulk and strength mixed with the awkward hooves makes walking and running hard sometimes though, and it very well might trip mid-charge.
-Benefits: Does not need to worry about temperature, faster and stronger than a brute (possibly even a hulk frankly), immune to fire and breath it, terrifying, super thick hide, high pain resistance
-Downsides: Does not talk or read, metabolism at least 3X faster than default, massive thirst, huge INT debuff, lower DEX and PER, cannot use ranged weapons, cannot wear many times of gear, clumsy, loud, NPCs default to either running away or attacking immedietly

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