Need a list of approved additions

Hello everyone!
I haven’t been able to find a list like this, sorry if there’s one around.
I think this is a necessity for wannabe devs like me because while I’m aware of the thread of ideas (over 100 pages long)
it gets really confusing on what has been approved and what has not been done yet.
This would help avoid working on things that will not get merged in and focus development a bit more on things we need.

Having such a list isn’t really feasible, because DDA has a very high ideaguy/dev ratio. For every implemented idea, there are 30 unimplemented ones.

Just make a thread listing stuff you want to work on and search for some key words on
You should get answers relatively quickly, because the forums are active.

It’s a good idea to check for changes once in a while. That way you know what is actually being worked on and not just suggested.

if you have a “big idea” kind of question*, it’s better to ask on the forums, if you have a specific addition in mind**, opening a github issue is probably more productive.

*For example a new monster type, or a new kind of crafting operation.
**For example a new monster, item, or recipe.