Mutiple damage types on weapons

When you hit or throw a weapon that has multiple damage types at a creature, and you get a successful hit, does it factor in one or both damage types? For example if i hit a zombie with nail bat which has both bashing and cutting damage, is both the bashing and cutting damage calculated for the total damage it does? And if not how do you know which type of damage you are dealing?

All relevant damage types work in the same turn.

For example: A wood axe, which has high bashing AND high cut, would add its bashing damage and cutting damage together for the final damage value. Go hack a zed up, and see for yourself!

It also affects the type of message you get from attacking. A bashing weapon returns things like “You clobber the zombie for x damage”, where a cutting weapon would have “You slice the zombie for x damage.” But yeah, I’m pretty sure both types of damage apply unless one is blocked because of armor.