Mutation with multiple requirements not lost when one of the requirements is lost

Not 100% certain if this is intentional or not, maybe it’s supposed to be a difficult to reverse consequence for mutating so brazenly.

I was turning my character into a supermutant and chugging gallons of troglobite mutagen for the positive mutations.
Gained Solar Sensitivity like I knew I probably would and figured it would be fine because I could just cancel it with plant mutagen, because Solar Sensitivity has Very Light Sensitive as a requirement and Sunlight Dependent from Plant cancels Very Light Sensitive. So I thought I could knock out the requirement and I would lose the higher up mutation, that’s how it usually works with tiered mutations.

But that doesn’t happen. I do cancel Very Light Sensitive by turning it into Sunlight Dependent, but I still kept Solar Sensitivity despite no longer meeting the requirements. So now I have both Solar Sensitivity and Sunlight Dependent. Which comes across as unintentional, unless this is karma for abusing my genetic code so thoroughly.

This is your situation, in a nutshell.

Haha end my suffering. I drank 2 gallons of plant mutagen trying to fix it. If this actually is unintentional behavior I’m going to debug the Solar Sensitivity away because wow Solar Sensitivity is a pain.