Mutation category: Cancerous

Your body has been invaded by an ultra-virulent, super-strong form of otherworldly cancer. Rather than simply killing you, the cancerous cells begin to take over the function of your normal cells, but causing you to grow enormous, bulbous, meaty tumours all over. (Think: Akira.)

Mutations: ugly, deformed, badly deformed, grotesque, ponderous, sores, chemical imbalance, thin-skinned, disease resistant, strong, disease immune, parasite resistant, parasite immune, fast healer, very fast healer, regeneration

Post-threshold: amorphous body, metastasization, tumourous brood, terrifying

Metastasization: By touching an organic lifeform with your bare hand, you can send tendrils of your own cancerous infection into the organism, tying them to you with thick, ropy, fibrous growths and causing increasingly large damage over time. This simultaneously feeds you as you essentially convert their body into yours. While this is happening you can only use one hand. If you move, you rip out the growths from your own flesh, causing damage to your arm, and stopping the effect. If you kill an enemy this way its body is completely absorbed, restoring you to perfect health. (Only works on large, living lifeforms, so zombies, squirrels, etc. aren’t affected.)

Tumorous brood: At the cost of hunger, you can grow small, toddler-sized, semi-sentient tumours from your own flesh. They will follow you around and attack your enemies, act as distractions, and so on. They can’t feed and will eventually die of starvation. Their bodies can be butchered to produce meat, so you can eat them and get back the nutrition you lost.

Metastatization sounds hard to code.

Sounds to strong. Like cbm >.>

There seems no downside apart from looking ugly. But pretty much every Mutation does that(mostly).

I don t see any other downside to this.

Without the colour description, it’s essentially just a paralyzation attack which requires you to have a bare hand and make an unarmed hit, at which point the target starts taking a DOT and automatic paralysis each turn. If the enemy dies, the corpse is eliminated and the player gets full health. If the player moves, an arm gets damaged and the attack stops.

[quote=“Valpo, post:3, topic:8152”]Sounds to strong. Like cbm >.>
I don t see any other downside to this.[/quote]

Ponderous is a pretty major drawback. And while it lacks any of the big, nasty weaknesses, it also doesn’t have any of the big, powerful mutations. Fast healing is the largest benefit, and nanobots will do the same thing easier and cheaper, with no drawbacks. The post-threshold mutations are largely situational: the paralysis attack is powerful, but only against single opponents, and it won’t work on most of the enemies in the game, including zombies and bots. The little tumour drones are more useful as distractions than anything else.

Okay just how would you get this? This doesn t sound like something you got from a blob mutation.

Hmm. Most of the mutations in the game came from scientists trying to find useful functions for the blob. Perhaps you can get this one from an experimental anti-cancer drug. Flu shot + mutagen = cancer mutagen.

Or how about massive doses of radiation, that would be rather cancerous add int he blob that’s already in you and you end up like this.


I have a thread for these, and kinda prefer to keep 'em all in one spot.

Some of these might be workable into the existing Medical category, but I’m not thrilled about writing a life-suck function.