More Details In Consume Menu

How do you show more details in the consume menu like spoil time?

I somehow managed to do it the other day, but I have no idea how I done it.

iirc thats by default and there is no option to mess with it, do you have a screenshot of how your current consume menu seems like?, maybe is the space/resolution

This is how it looks now.
The other version had an extra two colums on the right, spoil time and something else that I can’t remember.

What is your cooking skill?

Cooking is 0, but i’ve just got survival to 4 and now have the extra details.
I forgot that higher levels do stuff. I’m guessing the survival skill does it.

Here is said display anyway:-


I thought it might be something like that.

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Additional columns appear if player can estimate freshness (see and/or has CBM rechargable with consumable items.

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