More bizarre roads/bridges

First picture has 2 roads composed entirely of sidewalk, with an X of water in the middle of one with a manhole. Next picture shows the same thing on the other side of the bridges, but without the X of water and manhole.,kDqykFb

That’s definitely weird, but actually kind of cool looking.

Heh, cool indeed.

Those are plazas!

They occasionally occurred in the middle of towns when a lot of roads joined together in very old versions. I would say that the actual problem is that roads won’t join correctly before creating a bridge and will instead form adjacent ones.

Well, the first problem here is the fact that you use version 0.A and the strange bugs regarding roads near bridges have been tackled since then. Please test this again on an experimental build.

Yes, the plazas are intended but I think they are lame, since technically they are still road crossings, that’s why the roads go into the plaza, which looks kind of silly to me. The plazas could have been done much better in my opinion, but whatever.