Mod test option

making a map and loading it over and over again to test mods is a bit of a pain I think an option to run a test on mods would work well. you should not only be able to test single mods but groups of them. that and an option to test if a mod has conflicts where you can pick mods so test with that mod should make testing mods a lot better and less time consuming

I don’t understand what you mean.

If you’re working on a mod, you create a world with that mod and then use it for testing.

What does it even mean to make a ‘test for mods’. Mods encompass so many different things that there would be no one test. Many other aspects of testing mods are built into the debug menu.

As for comparing conflicts – Making a world with all the mods you want to test should reveal conflicts. How is that any different from running a program and adding all the mods to test for conflicts? You’re still marking the mods and running something over and over while you sort out the problems.

turn off tilesets when you expect to restart many times to test something. That shave’s 5 seconds off each start, easy.

There are multiple command line switches that can help you to test mods. Run the game with --help to see them:

$ ./cataclysm-tiles.exe --help
Command line parameters:
--seed <string of letters and or numbers>
        Sets the random number generator's seed value
        Checks the CDDA json files
--check-mods [mods...]
        Checks the json files belonging to CDDA mods
--dump-stats <what> [mode = TSV] [opts...]
        Dumps item stats
--world <name>
        Load world
--basepath <path>
        Base path for all game data subdirectories
--datadir <directory name>
        Sub directory from which game data is loaded
--autopickupfile <filename>
        Name of the autopickup options file within the configdir
--motdfile <filename>
        Name of the message of the day file within the motd directory

Map sharing
        Activates the map-sharing mode
--username <name>
        Instructs map-sharing code to use this name for your character.
--addadmin <username>
        Instructs map-sharing code to use this name for your character and give you access to the cheat functions.
--adddebugger <username>
        Informs map-sharing code that you are running inside a debugger
        Instructs map-sharing code to disable access to the in-game cheat functions
        Enables the world menu in the map-sharing code

User directories
--userdir <path>
        Base path for user-overrides to files from the ./data directory and named below
--savedir <directory name>
        Subdirectory for game saves
--configdir <directory name>
        Subdirectory for game configuration
--memorialdir <directory name>
        Subdirectory for memorials
--optionfile <filename>
        Name of the options file within the configdir
--keymapfile <filename>
        Name of the keymap file within the configdir

what I was saying was a menu command to test if a mod would cause a crash if used. sometimes when loading a mod it will stop a world from being run but that only helps on the first mod to lead to that problem making trying to fix that problem a slow due to having to remake and load worlds many times to test mods

You can save default list of mods used for new world creation with S key, but all you really need to test whether mod loading successfully is create a random character in existing world with necessary mod.

and then when I need to test another mod I have to make a new world and do the same thing over and over again

Yes, that is exactly the workflow. What’s your concern?

its a pain and ineffective

Yes, working is hard. Good thing it is not mandatory in this case.